Why See a Surgical Oncologist/Endocrine Surgeon?

The cancer specialists of Texas Oncology work closely together to treat patients with many different types of cancer. In many cases surgery is a part of the cancer treatment regimen -- both to diagnose the type of cancer and the extent of it as well as to remove cancerous cells.

Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez is fellowship-trained in surgical oncology, after 5 years of training as a general surgeon. He pursued a career in oncology, focusing his training in the field of complex surgical oncology for an additional 2 years. Dr. Alfredo was trained in prestigious hospitals such as MD Anderson and the Moffitt Cancer Care Center, where he acquired specific knowledge and skills related to the diagnosis, treatment and overall care for the patients with cancer. 

Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez is a recognized leader in endocrine surgery not only in the San Antonio area, but across the country. He is considered a High Volume Thyroid Surgeon in the San Antonio area with more than 100 thyroid surgeries performed per year. He is a member of the prestigious American Association of Endocrine Surgery and the American Head and Neck Society.

Why is this important?

Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez devotes his career to complex cancer malignancies, focusing on only cancer and endocrine surgeries. He avoids distraction from simpler general surgery procedures, making him high-volume in cancer surgeries.

Having been part of a multidisciplinary team of oncologists, Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez is able to actively collaborate with medical, radiation and gynecologic oncologists that offer an interdisciplinary approach for a disease as complex as cancer, which requires advanced cognitive, technical and clinical practice, research, and outreach skills only acquired by individuals with the experience and formation of a surgical oncologist.