Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgeries Performed by Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez

  • Mastectomy - removal of all of the breast. This may be done on one breast or both.

  • Skin and nipple sparing mastectomy - If possible for the patient, these types of breast cancer surgeries make it possible for the breast skin and/or the nipples to remain for the reconstruction of the breast at a later date. This results in less scarring and allows the woman to maintain her natural appearance with the nipple intact.

  • Lumpectomy - Also known as a partial mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery, Dr. Santillan removes only the portion of the breast where the cancer is located.

  • Placement of SAVI - Insertion of the radiation delivery device for a five-day high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy treatment after lumpectomy.

  • Implanted port placement - This is used to make it easier for chemotherapy to be administered whether before or after the breast cancer is removed.

  • Sentinel lymph node biopsyIdentification, removal and examination to determine whether cancer cells are present
  • Axillary lymph node dissectionRemoval of lymph nodes in the arm, either below the lower edge of the pectoral muscle or underneath the pectoral muscle.

Why Choose Dr. Alfredo Santillan-Gomez as Your Breast Cancer Surgeon?

Dr. Alfredo A. Santillan-Gomez MD, MPH, FACS is a breast surgeon in San Antonio, working side-by-side with the Texas Oncology team of breast cancer medical and radiation oncologists. He is a surgical oncologist with extensive experience in the various types of breast cancer surgery since 2009, and has operated on hundreds of women with breast cancer.

He has a vast research in breast diseases, and has authored many journal papers and book chapters on breast cancer. He is specially trained on how to treat breast cancer patients in a multidisciplinary approach, in collaboration with his team at Texas Oncology.

He is a Hidden Scar trained surgeon on advanced minimally invasive and minimal access surgical approaches that deliver optimal clinical and aesthetic outcomes for patients with breast cancer.

Dr. Santillan also works closely with PRMA Center for Advanced Breast Reconstruction which combines reconstructive excellence with cosmetic surgery expertise. They strive to provide Dr. Santillan’s breast cancer patients the best and most natural results possible.